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Don’t wait to locate your family health insurance plan

Recently a good friend—who had decided some time ago to stay on COBRA until it ran out—discovered that his decision to wait was the worst possible thing he could have done. While on COBRA, he was diagnosed with cancer. It was discovered early, and easily removed with no follow-up for chemo or radiation. He thought he was lucky, and as far as the cancer was concerned he was. And his COBRA paid the bill. article cont. >>

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Are you without health insurance because you believe it's too expensive?

Here's a quick & easy way to find out just how affordable a family health plan can be.

After you've entered some simple information, you will receive free, no obligation quotes to help you find the best policy for the lowest premium.

But the COBRA expires this month. Just because he HAD cancer, nearly every company has turned him down. The few that were willing to accept him want an extremely high premium—even higher than COBRA, and most of those want to write an exclusion for cancer.

If you know you will need private health insurance, and you currently have no pre-existing condition, DON'T WAIT. You and your family will regret it if you do.

If you act while you are still in good health, you will be able to find affordable, comprehensive health insurance. And if traditional health insurance that allows you complete freedom of choice regarding doctors or hospitals seems too high priced, don't overlook the PPO options.

PPO, meaning Preferred Provider Organization, began primarily as a type of group insurance in the 1960's and 70's. It is a variation on the HMO, which began at about the same time, but while the HMO requires you to have a primary care doctor, without whose referral you cannot go to any other doctor, a PPO simply requires you to choose a care giver from the list provided to you by the company. The PPO doctors are under contract to charge you less. Along with a smaller payment for services from the insurance company, they receive payment from the insurance company based on the number of people they treat in a given month.

PPO options are now available for families seeking private, health insurance. It covers everything that traditional insurance covers, but simply requires that you seek care within the network of preferred providers. You can go outside the network, but will probably pay the bill yourself if you do.

A Preferred Provider Organization might seem restrictive, but the network will include doctors and specialists in every area of concern, so you will generally have no problem finding a doctor. Since costs are more controlled than with traditional coverage, your premiums are usually less.

Start your search by completing our friendly, confidential, quote request profile. Remember, when it comes to finding health insurance, procrastination on your part creates anything BUT an obligation on the company's part.

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